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EasyLogistic 100 is much more than just logistics management software. It's your strategic ally for optimizing your shipping and receiving operations. Designed to make your inventory management easier and more reliable, EasyLogistic 100 offers an unrivalled user experience, whether you're using a tablet, cell phone, computer or PDA.

Connect your logistics to your SAGE ERP

Maximize your operational efficiency and take control of your supply chain

EasyLogistic goes beyond functionalities to become a truly revolutionary way of working in logistics management.

Real-time connection to Sage 100c

No more juggling between systems. EasyLogistic 100 is connected in real time to your Sage 100c management system. This seamless integration gives you a fluid, secure and ultra-efficient experience, even when working remotely in RDP mode.

Simplified Sage 100c Supplier Order Reception

Receive, process and manage Sage 100c supplier orders effortlessly. EasyLogistic 100 supports batch/serial packaging, best-before dates, and much more. Turn goods receipt into an error-free operation.

Optimized dispatch of Sage 100c customer preparation vouchers

Create delivery notes directly from EasyLogistic 100, without going through your Sage 100cloud ERP. Optimize picking by location, manage lot numbers, best-before dates, and more. Impress your customers with impeccable deliveries.

Advanced Inventory and Deposit Management

Manage your inventory with precision, thanks to multi-location and multi-depot management. Transfer goods between locations and/or warehouses in the blink of an eye. Physical inventories are child's play with real-time stock queries.

Flexible, high-performance operating modes

EasyLogistic 100 offers three operating modes to suit your needs: Picking/Packing, Picking then Packing, and Multi-order Picking/Control and Packing. Simplify data exchange with the carrier and print transport labels in just a few clicks.

Limitless adaptability

EasyLogistic stands out for its exceptional versatility and adaptability. Whether you run a large company with a complex supply chain, or a small business with more specific needs, EasyLogistic can be customized to align perfectly with your logistics strategy. Our scalable solution is designed to meet your specific needs, whatever the size of your business, enabling you to manage your warehouse with efficiency, precision and flexibility.

The Power of EasyLogistic Real-Time Supervision

At the core of any successful logistics operation lies the ability to monitor, analyze and optimize depot operations in real time. That's why EasyLogistic offers an advanced supervision module to support the depot manager in his quest for continuous improvement. Our supervision solution enables you to monitor every aspect of your warehouse in real time, from inventory management to operational efficiency. With in-depth analysis and detailed reporting, you can identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions and optimize your depot's performance for maximum efficiency. Découvrez comment EasyLogistic vous donne l’avantage dans la course à l’excellence opérationnelle.

STOCK Error Detection

EasyLogistic Intelligence
at the service of precision

Accurate warehouse management is essential to avoid costly errors and ensure a seamless customer experience. That's why EasyLogistic offers an advanced stock and location error detection module. This intelligent module constantly monitors stock quantities in your warehouse and compares them in real time with Sage data. If discrepancies are detected, whether due to input errors, unauthorized movements or other factors, EasyLogistic alerts you immediately. This enables you to correct errors quickly, minimize disruption and guarantee the reliability of your operations. With EasyLogistic, precision is at the heart of your logistics success.

Tablette EasyLogistic

Converting your orders into deliveries

The EasyPrepa companion tool - assign your delivery preparations directly

EasyPrepa is a tool that integrates perfectly with EasyLogistic. With just a few clicks, you can transform purchase orders into delivery preparations. What's more, its intelligent functionalities enable you to optimize the coordination of your supply chain. EasyPrepa is an indispensable assistant for your order management. It works in perfect harmony with EasyLogistic, thanks to its function for directly assigning delivery preparations to users or groups of users. Discover EasyPrepa, the essential tool for better order management within Sage ERP.

We're with you every step of the way!

Since 2009 we've been helping our customers improve their sage experience


The initial step in our installation process is the audit.

Our logistics experts take a close look at your needs, your current processes and your existing logistics infrastructure. This in-depth audit enables us to understand your business holistically, and to design a tailor-made EasyLogistic solution that integrates seamlessly into your environment. We identify strengths to be reinforced and areas for improvement, ensuring an optimal installation.


Installation & Setup

Once the audit is complete, we move on to the installation and configuration stage. Our highly qualified technical team takes charge of implementing the EasyLogistic solution in your company. We configure the software to your specifications, taking into account your unique business processes. Every detail is taken into account to ensure seamless integration with your existing system, including Sage. You can rely on our expertise for smooth installation and precise configuration


User training

The last crucial step in our installation process is the training of your users. We firmly believe that to get the most out of our solution, your staff must be fully trained. That's why we offer comprehensive, customized training for your team. Our experienced trainers guide your staff through the use of EasyLogistic, teaching them best practices and tips to maximize their efficiency. With our training, you can be sure that your team is ready to use EasyLogistic optimally from day one.


We're with you every step of the way, ready to support you and help you make your logistics a success.

Once your EasyLogistic solution is in production, our commitment to your success continues unabated. We offer flexible support contracts that provide you with unrivalled on-demand assistance. Whether it's to solve a technical problem, provide additional configuration or provide further training, our team of experts is there to meet your needs.

Our support contracts are designed to be as flexible as your business. You only pay for what you need, and that's prorated to the minute. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you always have first-rate support, without unnecessary costs. At EasyLogistic, our goal is to help you maximize the value of your solution by providing the support you need, when you need it. That's our commitment to your continued success.

At EasyLogistic, quality is our commitment and support is our promise, because we believe that our customers' success is a reflection of our excellence.

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EasyLogistic is a logistics management solution that simplifies and optimizes shipping, receiving and inventory management operations. It offers a user-friendly interface and is connected in real time to Sage 100c.

EasyLogistic support contracts are agreements that provide you with ongoing technical and operational support for your EasyLogistic solution once it is in production.

An EasyLogistic support contract ensures ongoing support to resolve technical issues, carry out additional configuration and provide further training, enabling you to maximize your use of the solution.

You can subscribe to the EasyLogistic solution by contacting us via our website or by calling us directly.


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